EWS 1294 warns people in advance of natural hazards occurring in Cambodia. When an event such as flooding is detected or predicted, a voice recording is sent to the mobile phones of registered users in the areas at risk.











1 User Sign Up


Users dial FREE CALL 1294 and follow the prompts to register province, district, and commune.











2 Smart Sensors

Like Tepmachcha, our solar powered, sonar-based water gauge, smart sensors are continuously recording meteorological information around the country.




3 Data Disseminated

The smart sensors send the acquired data across the internet via the Cambodian cellular mobile phone network.














4 Warnings Sent

The Provincial Centres for Disaster Management also monitor forecasts to detect natural disasters. If required, EWS 1294 sends warning messages via our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform.




5 Action Taken

Registered users receive calls via their mobile phones and take appropriate action to protect themselves, their families and their livelihoods.