How it works

EWS1294 is Cambodia’s early warning system that saves lives by providing accurate and timely flood information to vulnerable communities nationwide. First developed by People in Need in 2013, EWS1294 is now recognized as Cambodia’s official multi-hazard early warning system, owned and managed by the National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM).


Solar-powered and sonar-based, the Tepmacha sensors monitor water levels in Cambodia’s rivers every 15 minutes and send data across the internet via the Cambodian cellular mobile phone network. Displayed on the EWS1294 Dashboard, the sensors turn orange or red when water levels approach dangerous thresholds.


EWS1294 alerts are disseminated through various dissemination channels across Cambodia.

IVR system
With the IVR system, early warning calls can be received by subscribers to ‘1294’ after registering. By calling ‘1294’ (for free) using your mobile phone, you can follow the prompt to register in your area. Registered users receive calls via their mobile phones when a risk occurs and take appropriate action to protect themselves, their families and their livelihoods.


Public Loudspeakers
In Battambang, 4 public loudspeakers broadcast the EWS1294 alerts in the urban public areas, where more people can hear early warning alerts.

Radio Broadcasting
Through our partnership with ABC Radio in Cambodia, EWS1294 alerts are disseminated by ABC Radio channels.

EWS1294 alerts are disseminated through the public Telegram channel. Make sure to subscribe to the public channel here:

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